TCC The Country Church Molalla Oregon

Reaching Out & Making Whole

Meet our Team

Garylee & Carolyn Syphard – Lead Pastors

Garylee and Carolyn became lead pastors in 2005 after many years of service in multiple ministries at TCC, most significantly the youth and Country Christian School.

They have a heart and passion to demonstrate the love of God to everyone.

Pastor Garylee has a Bachelor of Theology from Portland Bible College, and Carolyn received ministry training from both Okanogan Bible College and Portland Bible College. They are members of Minister’s Fellowship International (MFI) and are called upon as gifted speakers with a prophetic emphasis to other churches.

Gary administrates the men’s ministry at TCC, while Carolyn oversees the women and youth (junior high – college age) and small group ministries.

Tom and Cheri Axmaker – Associate Pastors

  • Principal/Administrator Country Christian School (Tom)
  • Church Administrator / Finances (Cheri)

Tom and Cheri have a heart for people and a passion for teaching and education. Ministering in both the church and Christian school, they have been serving as children’s pastors since 1991. Tom is the principal of Country Christian and Cheri is the church administrator and financial accountant of TCC. They also oversee the Generation Plus ministry to senior adults. Their love of the ministry has led them to help establish The Country Church in Greensburg, Kansas.

Pastor Tom and Cheri both graduated from Portland Bible College with a Bachelor of Theology degree, as well Tom has earned his Masters of Divinity from The King’s University. They enjoy spending time with their four children (3 of them married) and granddaughter.

Dave & Kelly Hernandez – Worship Pastors / Men’s Ministry

  • Worship Ministry
  • Forge Men’s Ministry (Dave)
  • Pastor Garylee’s Assistant (Kelly)

David & Kelly Hernandez were ordained and set in as pastors and elders in January of 2018.

They both grew up at TCC and have served at TCC in various leadership positions starting in their teen years. Along with being the elders over the worship department at TCC, David heads up the Forge Men’s Ministry at TCC, while Kelly is involved with the women’s ministry and also teaches in the high school at Country Christian School.

David is a 2005 graduate of Portland Bible College with his bachelor degree in Theology, and Kelly also received training from Portland Bible College and has served as Pastor Garylee & Carolyn’s assistant since 2000.

They were married in 2005 and have four children.

Gary & Pat Syphard Sr.


Marvin & Viola Grandle


Zack & Morgan Hordichok

Youth Pastors

Tom & Ashley Gatton

Children’s Pastors

Colby & Kristin Fleck

Little Sprouts Nursery