TCC The Country Church Molalla Oregon

Reaching Out & Making Whole

This coming Sunday (October 18th)
One church, meeting in many rooms at the same time!

This coming Sunday (October 18th), we will have 3 different services running simultaneously!

To help keep our gathering numbers smaller and work within guidelines set forth by our government, we are going to split up into 3 family services for Sunday morning. No simulcast, live worship, and different speakers in each.

We are asking for each person in attendance to please respect social distancing and we encourage the use of masks inside our services. We will still be streaming our services on FaceBook live and LiveStream if you feel more comfortable watching from home, or you or a family member are not feeling well.

Even though we’re going to look like one church in many rooms, all our services will meet from 10 am – 11 am.


We have three family services happening on our campus simultaneously. One in the main sanctuary, one in the youth sanctuary and in our commons area. All three services will have live worship and preaching. Each service has a maximum capacity so as numbers fill you may be directed to another service on the campus.

All services are open to anyone.


We will be dividing the kids up by age groups, and all groups will meet in their respective classrooms down the main hall near the main sanctuary under the direction of our new kid’s pastors Tom & Ashley Gatton. Kids’ services will incorporate worship, teaching, and activities and we’re excited to introduce a brand new curriculum we know your kids (and you) will love! Parents, you can pick up your child(ren) following the service from the same classrooms.

We will have lots of signs posted to help you navigate the changes.

  • Preschool-Kindergarten: Room P2, this is the first classroom to your left down the hallway from the main entrance. (CCS Kindergarten & the former nursery class)
  • 1st – 3rd grade: Room P4, this is the second classroom on the left down the hall. (CCS Mrs. Schneider’s 1st-grade class.)
  • 4th – 6th grade: Room P6, this is the third (last) classroom on the left down the hall. (CCS Mrs. Phillip’s 1st-grade class.)


Our nursery for babies – 2 years is available in the P1 classroom which is the first classroom on your right as you head down the hall from the main entrance.